Where we are,
                                     where we hope to go,
                                                     and how we plan to get there.
  • The strategic plan is a “roadmap” for the remainder of 2006 and the first six months of 2007 to grow KCCJ, a small social justice organization, at a sustainable rate after going through multiple leadership transitions and an extensive reorganization since its incorporation two years ago.  
  • KCCJ’s vision is that the necessary basis for a fair, just, and equitable world is acceptance of the full and equal worth for all human beings.  
  • KCCJ’s mission therefore, is to raise awareness and to speak out for the just, fair, and equal treatment of all people by promoting respect, understanding and acceptance through advocacy, education, and empowerment.  
  • In practical terms, the organization has “stripped” itself down to a small, dedicated all-volunteer “working” Board with one part-time administrative employee to live within its means.  
  • KCCJ has restructured itself this way with the intent to grow itself slowly and responsibly at a pace the organization can sustain, the community needs dictate, and the community can support.  
  • KCCJ will retain its previous (but reduced) office space downtown on North Upper Street.  
  • KCCJ has opted not to provide program services at this time due to cost constraints, but to ensure the continuation of its signature youth leadership programs will continue working very closely with excellent organizations that will be taking them over to guarantee their successful transfer.  
  • There are eight goals, four external mission-based goals and four internal organizational goals.  
  • KCCJ will follow a two-track approach of strong public advocacy and empowerment  through partnership, collaboration and cooperation with other social justice organizations to help advance social justice as a movement to have greater societal impact.  
  • Internally, the key feature of the plan is to strengthen KCCJ through “back to basics” learning about Board governance to ensure proper organizational leadership and learning and practicing nonprofit performance management to build organizational capacity.  
  • KCCJ will be using four strategies—Challenging (speaking up/out, raising awareness, and education), Praise, Contact (between people and between Social Justice Organizations), and Improving Efficacy (through partnerships and Collaboration)—to make changes in three sectors--Attitudes, Public Policies, and Social Justice Organizations.  
  • Philosophically KCCJ has shifted to a positive approach of using a public voice, praise, partnering and empowerment to achieve its mission.  
  • The plan is practical, realistic, and thorough, purposefully designed to stabilize KCCJ and then help grow this organization at a rate it can sustain while making a difference.

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